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101 West Allendale Avenue, Allendale NJ 07401
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Specials Menu for week of 10/20 to 10/24/2014

Oktoberfest Continued! See Brown Items Below! 

Soup: Split Pea (VEGGIE/GLUTEN FREE) OR Chicken Noodle $3.50/ $4.50 Sauerkraut Chowder $4.50/5.50
Grill Special: Sauerbraten Melt with Swiss cheese and Mustard on Rye, serve with Redcabbage and Potato Pancakes
Entrée: Rinder Rouladin: Sliced Beef rolled with Bacon & Vegetable filling slow cooked in tomato sauce. Red Cabbage and Speatzle on the side. $9.95
SALAD: Greek Salad-Grilled Chicken, Olives, Feta, Cucumbers, Red Onions & Homemade Hummus over Romaine with Oil &Vinegar 
Sandwich: Grilled Chicken Parmigiana with Roasted Red Peppers and Provolone on Garlic Bread with a Deli Salad
Panini: Turkey, Swiss cheese, Russian Dressing & Sauerkraut with a Deli salad 
WRAP: Boars Head Ham, Brie Cheese & Orange Marmalade with Mixed Greens and a Deli Salad (Just try it... It’s FANTASTIC!)

Soup: Italian Sausage and Pasta $3.50/ $4.50 OR Chicken Noodle Or Split Pea $3.50/ $4.50 
ENTREE: Veal Parmagian over spaghetti with a small tossed salad $11.95
Grilled Special: Bratwurst On a Hero with Sauerkraut and Mustard with a side of Fries
SALAD: Baby Spinach topped w/Bacon Crumbles, Hard Boiled Egg, Mushrooms, Feta Cheese & Toasted Pecans w/Balsamic Vinaigrette 
Sandwich: Corned Beef with Russian, Swiss cheese and Cole Slaw on Marble Rye with a deli salad
Panini: Grilled Chicken, Fresh Basil, Provolone, and Homemade Sundried Tomato Spread with a Deli Salad 
Wrap: Roast beef, Caramelized Onions & Jalapenos, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato w/Horse Radish Sauce and a Deli Salad  

Soup: Chicken Spinach Barley OR Chicken Noodle OR Italian Sausage and Pasta $3.50/ $4.50
ENTREE: General Tso’s Chicken with a side of Pork Fried Rice and Vegetable Lo Mein NEW!
Grilled: Beef Gyros in a Pita with Tzatziki Sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onions and a side of Fries
SALAD: Gyro Salad: Romaine lettuce topped with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Black Olives & Red Onion with Gyro Meat & Tzatziki Sauce
Sandwich: Roast Beef, Cheddar, Bacon, Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce and Fresh Onion Rings on a Roll & a Deli Salad
Panini: Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Pepper Jack Cheese, Tomato & Herbed Mayo with a Deli Salad 
Wrap: California Tuna: Chunk Tuna, Avocado, Tomato, Greens, Sprouts, Ranch, Bell Pepper & Shredded Cheddar 
with a  Deli Salad NEW!

Soup: Lemon Chicken $4.50/ $5.50 OR Chicken Noodle $$3.50/ $4.50 Or Chicken Spinach Barley $4.50/$5.50
ENTRÉE: Steak Fajitas with Rice and Beans, Sour Cream and Salsa on the side
Grilled: Italian Hot Dog: Peppers, Onions & Potatoes over a Hot Dog on a Hero Roll with French Fries 
SALAD: Asian Chicken: - Mandarin Oranges, Almonds, Carrots, Crispy Noodles & Grilled Chicken over Greens with Homemade Ginger Dressing
Sandwich: Turkey, Meunster, Red Onion, Lettuce and Basil Pesto on a Kaiser Roll with a deli salad
Panini: Grilled Chicken, Roasted Mixed Garden Veggies with Fresh Mozzarella and Olive Tapenade with a Deli Salad VEGGIE 
Wrap: Cobb Wrap: Turkey, Smokey Chipotle BBQ, Tomato, Avocado, Bacon & Sliced Egg with a Deli Salad 

Soup: Manhattan Clam Chowder $3.95/ $4.95 or Chicken Noodle $3.50/ $4.50 Lemon Chicken $4.50/ $5.50 
ENTREE: Fresh Roasted Turkey Dinner with Homemade Turkey Gravy, Red Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
Grilled Special: Nantucket Reuben: Fried Flounder topped with Swiss cheese, Cole Slaw & 1000 Island Dressing on Marble Rye with Fries
SALAD: SMOKIN’ C-BLT Salad- Chicken Cutlet, Pepper Jack Cubes, Tomato, Bacon and Chipotle Ranch dressing over Greens 
Sandwich: Turkey, Cucumber, Lacey Swiss and Cucumber Dill Mayo on Multi Grain with a Deli Salad 
Panini: Roast beef, Fresh Mozzarella, Red Pepper Pesto, and Baby Spinach with a Deli Salad
Wrap: Fresh Shrimp Salad with Lettuce and Tomato in a wrap with a Deli Salad 

Halloween Candy Corn Contest
Guess How many in the Jar!! Find it at the Register! 
1st Place: The cauldron filled with Candy Corn and FREE Lunch, 2nd and 3rd Place: Free Lunch

Catering for all of your events! Stop in and grab a Catering Menu!
Free Delivery! $10 Minimum
The “specials” prices are only for the day of the special – NO SUBSTITUTIONS

Free delivery every day! $10. Minimum
The “specials” prices are only for the day of the special

Allendale Eats 3rd Annual Lead the Way Foundation Fundraising
 Supporting Injured Army Rangers and the Families 
of those who have gave the ultimate Sacrifice. Donation Jar will be on the Front counter all Month. Allendale Eats will be matching 50% of the Donations!

Its Soup Season!!!! SOUPS BY THE QUART!!! $6.95 or $7.95 Come and grab them from the Front Case!

Free Delivery! $10 Minimum
The “specials” prices are only for the day of the special – NO SUBSTITUTIONS

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